This Page has all the themes of the Glee Users Wiki.


Decemeber 18th 2010-December 25th 2011- Madonna Theme (Tribute Theme)

December 25th 2010-January 1st 2011- A Glee New Years Theme (Random Theme)

January 1st 2011- January 7th 2011- Brittany Theme (Characters Themes)

January 7th-January 14th 2011- Rocky Horror Theme (Tribute Theme)

January 14th 2011- January 21st 2011- Kurt Theme (Characters Theme)

January 21st 2011- January 31th 2011- Glee Sketches (Random Theme)

January 31st 2011- February 6th 2011- Journey Medley* (Glee Songs Theme)

February 6th 2011- February 18th 2011- Valentine's Day Theme (Random Theme)

February 18th-February 27th- Thriller (Glee Songs Theme)

February 27th- March 6th- TBA (Character's Theme)

  • =Voted upon the wiki

TBA=To Be Announced

TBD=To Be Decided


The Themes can either be Tribute Themes, Characters Theme, and Random Themes.

Here are the descriptions of each:

Tribute Theme

These themes must have had a tribute in a glee episode, such as Madonna or Britney, etc....


The Following Themes were "Tribute themes":

-Madonna Theme

-Rocky Horror Theme

Characters Theme

These themes must be a character in Glee, such as Brittany or Puck, etc....


The Following Themes were "Characters Themes":

-Brittany Theme

-Kurt Theme

Random Theme

These themes really can be anything at all!


The Following Themes were "Random Themes":

-A Glee New Years Theme

-Glee Sketches

Glee Songs

A "Glee Song" Counts as a Random theme, but it is based on a glee song. The following Themes were "Glee Songs":

-Journey Medley