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my fav person in the world

hi im star9999 and im from t
courtney heather glover
General Information
Gender: female
Age: 13
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Birthday: 15/12/97
Height: dont nkow
Weight: dont know
Address: 22 lima street
Occupation(s): cheeerio
Aliases: britt(miss rankin) heather morris twin (pucktana88)
Family & Friends
Family: dad

pucktana88(wiki sis)

Friends: gleegirl

quinndiaanagleek quinnfabray1fan dr stinky


kiara is a gleek quinnyandfinny bleghh pucktana88 Quam1992 Cora90 Gablexa2013 if i missed you tell me

Pet(s): a glodfish
Employees: dont know
Enemies: none really
Other Informations
shopping facebooking wikiing
Clique: cheerios
Education: pghs
Talent: being a friend
Vulnerabilities: being dumb
Strengths: being dumb
Weaknesses: being dumb
Awards: best friend
Series Information
First appearance: when i was born
Last appearance: when i die
Portrayer: heather morris
he uk

heres some triva

  1. I havent seen my mum since I was 2
  2. I,m in year 9
  3. I,m 13
  4. the glee person which im most like is tina and brittany
  5. my fav glee person used to be quinn but its brittany now bet her sorry Quinn
  6. I have 300 teddies
  7. i have two cousions

Brittz Here!Did You Know That Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks? 21:22, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

whats your fav songmy headband

here are my friends if i missed you out tell me on comments

  1. gleegirl
  2. quinn dianna gleek
  3. artieandtinaforever is a big tartie shipper
  4. msloonylovegoodgleek is really nice if you dont want to talk to her then you should go to your gp
  5. gleek 0 we have the funnist chats
  6. ug99 my santana shes like my sis
  7. miss rankin my cous
  8. leanne zhane dawson my cous
  9. bleghh we have the greatest chats anybody else could ever had hes like my big bro to me
  10. dr stinky is really cool has does britlannt skectes
  11. quinnfabray1fan:) is just like quinn and is awsome if you dont talk to her youll regret it
  12. pucktana88
  13. Gablexa1023

kesha pics

Kesha 111111
Kesha- blow (music video)
Ke$ha this
Kesha-Blow-music video-2

thats all peace out

                 this place about to blowwell well if it isnt james van douche  11:22, April 1, 2011 (UTC)
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