Welcome! This is the Q&A with TD! You ask question, I give answers! The questions can be about almost anything*!

  • Restrictions apply. Will not answer questions if I think there stupid to answer

First question

From: GleeGirl

"Do you think That there will be Quick in the near Future of Glee?"

Answer: "No. I think if Quick get back together it will not be soon. Quinn still is a little upset with Puck for knocking her up XD"

Responce: "Thank u, u are like my fortune teller"

Second Question

From: Artieandtinaforeva

"Do you think sam is gay? Why/Why Not?"

Answer: No I dont. I think he honestly loves Quinn (though at first he was trying to use her). He totally accepts gays but I dont think he is gay.

Third question

From: Ms Artie Abrams

"Why is your name Team Doofenshmirtz"

Answer: "Because I dislike twilight and my friend asked me one day what team I was on and I said Team Doofenshmirtz XD so thats how I chose it! Wanna know something cool? In the episode SBTY Dr. D wanted to name the team Team Doofenshmirtz!!"

Forth question


"Do you like Chocalate Pudding, I am craving some right now :D"

Answer: "Absolutely!" I love chocolate pudding! Though I preferr vanella :D

Fifth question

From: Ms. Artie Abrams

"Do boys suck?"

Answer: Nah I dont think so. I have a lot of guy friends! The only time they suck is when they ditch you to talk to another girl.

Sixth question

From: Loonylovegood.gleek

Do you like Harry Potter??

Answer: Meh.. No not really :/

Seventh question

From: Annon

Do you want to gag when SOME USERS flirt constantly?

Answer: Yes, it makes me want to leave sometimes DX

Responce: Why?

Answer: Because I find it annoing

Eight question

Why are you numbering your questions?

Answer: Because I CAN XD

Ninth question

Have you ever been kissed

Answer: Nope, NBK. But thats from my chooseing. I dont want to kiss anone untill I am engaged because I think thats the most romantic thing you can do is to save yourself for the speshel someone ^-^

Tenth question

From: Nivals

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

Answer: I see myself (a collage graduate) married and preggo with my first kid.

Eleventh question


Have u seen pretty little Liars?

Answer: No but I really wanted to!!