General Information
Gender: unknown (believed to be male)
Age: 4 months
Hair Color: yellow?
Eye Color: black.
Birthday: unknown
Height: five inches
Weight: 5 ounces?
Address: the picnic table
Occupation(s): dancer
Aliases: citrus, yellow head, lemon head, the jigger, lemonade, ...
Family & Friends
Family: mama lemon (deceased) papa lemon (deceased)
Relationships: hot n' spicy lemon (ex-girlfriend)

GleeGirl (Dating)

Friends: none
Pet(s): bug-bug (pet fruit fly)
Employer: himself
Employees: 2 background dancers (mo and yo lemon)
Enemies: fat pat (the biggest fattest lemon to ever dance)
Other Informations
Clique: none
Education: none (hes quite dumb)
Talent: dancing
Vulnerabilities: juicers
Strengths: dancing
Weaknesses: falling down and rolling off the picnic table
Awards: best lemon jig dancer
Series Information
First appearance: ..........?
Last appearance: ..........?
Portrayer: Lemon