Place of Birth:

Beverly Hills, California



Ships For:

Bartie, Finchel, Chang-Chang

Harry Potter or Twilight?:

Harry Potter

Kinah loves glee is an active user for the glee wikia. She is funny and she is a total shipper for Bartie, Chang-Chang and Finchel. Kinah is 13 years old and she lives in the USA with the rest of her family.

Random FactsEdit

-She loves Harry Potter

-She hates Twilight

-She accidentally found Glee (more in a nother section on this)Hp!

-Is Left-Handed

-For a 13 year old girl she can speak 5 languages.

-She knows Sign Language

-Prefers the iPod Classic over the iPod Touch

-Was born in Beverly Hills, California

-Goes to the mall about 3-4 times a week

-Is a total girly girl

-Has a youtube channel and her favorite make up gurus are: AndreasChoice , JuicyStar07, Allthatglitters21 and dulcecandy87

How I Accidentally found Glee:Edit

One week, I was bed-written with a fever and I had my trust MacBook with me and I wanted to watch something on T.V. well, there was nothing good on television so I typed in the word "Glee" because the word Glee always cheers me up so I typed in Glee and I found a link where I can watch some glee episodes so I opened the link and I was watching glee all day! I loved all the songs and the drama that's put into so much of the episodes. Glee then became my number one show and everytime there's a new episode on Tuesdays I am sitting right there, with my tub of Ice Cream watching glee. I think it's the best show ever and I have gotten my best friend in the WORLD to watch it and now she is hooked so everytime we see each other at school or we go shopping we always break the ice with each other by discussing Glee!

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