It's pretty hard
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: TBD
Birthday: December 18
Occupation(s): Student
Other Informations
Basketball, Finchel, Glee, Finchel
Clique: The Freaks
Talent: Double-jointed in the hand
Vulnerabilities: Darren Criss
Strengths: Wrestling (not the sport-the concept)
Weaknesses: Her skin (seriously pale)
Series Information
First appearance: Birth
Last appearance: Death
Portrayer: Immagleek18

She is nice enough, likes friends (the people, not the show; well, yeah, the show too, but she likes friends and Friends...oh, never mind), and hates couple debates. She currently ships Finchel, Quick, and Brittana. She hates the username Immagleek18, so she's now decided to save her the awkward feeling, and you the typing, to call her Natty (do not ask why, she does not know.)

Early LifeEdit

Natty was born in a hospital. She was later raised by two parents. Later, around the age of 5, she attended school, and has been an active member in the organization ever since.


It was late December when Natty's sister told her about this mysterious show on FOX called Glee. After buying the first volume, she watched three episodes, and watched four more as her sister slept. She has been an active fan ever since.


Natty has "obsessed" over Finchel since the Pilot. However, she tended to forget their names, and didn't
Finchel is Awesome

This user is a Finchel shipper

realize their importance till later on in the series. She is now an ultimate shipper, and will beat you up if you don't like them (not really, but she will be kind of sad.) They are her favorite couple and always will be, so suck it.


Quick is the second favorite couple of Natty (and sometimes the first, when the boot fits). She first began obsessing over them in Wheels, and now loves them. She is currently pissed at Ryan Murphy for not giving her Quick moments, and is currently planning a revolt, that will probably do nothing to help. If you would like to join the revolt, you need something sharp or destructive, like a gun, a knife, or a fork.


Do not start on Fabson. You've been warned.


Natty currently has a fanfiction account, (Whistling Nights.) She's gotta couple of stories in production, but she sometimes deletes them right when they start to get to the point. So beware.


Glee Favorite Song(s): Don't Stop Believin', Dream a Little Dream of Me, Time Warp, Somewhere Only We Know

Favorite Ship(s): Finchel, Quick, Brittana, Tartie, Bartie, Klaine (kinda), St. Anderson (Jesse/Blaine; because she's weird like that) and Pezberry

Favorite Episode(s): Pilot, Hell-O, the Power of Madonna, Laryngitis, Journey, Grilled Cheesus, The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Blame it On the Alcohol, Prom Queen, Funeral

Favorite Character(s): Sue, Kurt, Rachel

Least Favorite Character(s): Holly Holiday, Sunshine Corazon, Quinn Fabray (sometimes)

Least Favorite Ship(s): Fabson, Hollister, Quam,

Least Favorite Song(s): Crush, You're Having My Baby (that one was just creepy), Bills, Bills, Bills

Favorite Quote:

Sue: Don't touch me.

Will: *touches her, runs*

Sue: That is a lawsuit mister! I will sue your ASS!

Other Stuff

'Books: 'Harry Potters, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games trilogy, Catcher in the Rye

Movies: Blazing Saddles, Forrest Gump, The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, the Other Guys, The Social Network

Shows (besides Glee): How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Raising Hope, Bones

Singers/Bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Journey, Adele, Billy Joel, AC/DC

Words: Nincompoop, noodle, nervity (she made the word up; it's copyrighted)

Songs: Yesterday, by the Beatles, Rolling in the Deep, by Adele, Everybody Loves You Now, by Billy Joel, Paint it Black, by the Rolling Stones, Granger Danger, by AVPM/Starkid/whatever, Those Voices, by AVPS/Starkid/whatever

Musicals: A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, The Rocky Horror Picture Show


  • Favorite type of food is Italian
  • Favorite country is America
  • Is the biggest Beatles fan ever
  • Former crush is Ronald McDonald
  • Gets annoyed when people fall in love with fictional characters, even when she has done so many times herself
  • Writing a novel-don't interrupt!
  • She thinks wizards are badasses and vampires are gay
  • Her idols/influences are Ghandi (is that how you spell it?), Charles Bartley, and Sue Sylvester
  • Loves a Very Potter Musical/Sequel
  • Hates Avatar
  • Favorite actress is Jane Lynch, and favorite actors are Darren Criss and Will Ferrel
  • Is a psychic with BforBerry <3
  • She has crushes on Darren Criss, Neville Longbottom, Damian McGinty (is it McGinty? I think it's McGinty) and Cameron (from the
    400px-7678 Darren Criss Nov16m

    This user is in love with him

    Glee Project)
  • Though most of her beliefs are Catholic-based, she is nondenominational (wow; long word) Christian.

Her BuddiesEdit



Kira is a gleek








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