General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: June 10 1999
Height: 5'4
Weight:  ????
Address: It's non of ya business!!
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Rhaniel, Gleek, Geek
Family & Friends
Family: Totalitinalover (My sis)
Relationships:  ?????
Friends: Totaltinalover and the users in the glee wiki
Pet(s): Blackie, Jackie, Whitie
Enemies: No one!!
Other Informations
Glee Club Studying
Clique: Gleek, Totaltinalover and so many more
Education: Shhh.. It's a secret
Talent: Singing, Dancing and Acting
Strengths: Glee, My Family
Weaknesses: Wild Animals
Awards: 2nd Place in a Declamation contest
Series Information
First appearance: Glee Season 3
Last appearance: When the Glee is over
Portrayer: Duh!!! Me!!!


About Me:Edit

I'm just a girl who dream big:) I love my friends and my family, messing with them is like messing with me! Kidding, I love being a gleek, Rachel is right my best intentions keep making a mess of things. I'm just being myself. Love me hate me I don't care I'm just being myself and I'm proud of that.:)

I never lose hope that someday,I will meet the cast of glee!Edit



  • Loves Artie and Tina.
  • Loves to eat Sushi.
  • Her favorite color is Violet and Green.
  • Her favorite movie is Harry Potter,her fave TV show is Glee.Her week is not completed if she didn't watch glee.
  • Is a Christian.
  • Her favorite song in glee is Don't Stop Believin' and Valerie.
  • Is so obsessed in Glee and Harry Potter.
  • Loves to hangout with friends.
  • Is turning freshman this year (2011).
  • Her friends became gleek because of her.
  • Loves to wear Jeans.
  • She kinda hate Selena Gomez.
  • Loves to wear suspenders.
  • She have a Twitter .
  • Loves to wear nerd glasses along with her besties.
  • I have 3 things that I regret in my life. I regret that I don't come to Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus's concert( it's such a long story).
  • She love Hermione, Luna, Draco and Neville in the Harry Potter series.
  • Cannot move on in her classmates.
  • Wants a time machine.
  • Even she wants to live in other country, she wants to stay in the Philippines because her friends is there and she love her country.
  • Her schedule is so HECTIC.
  • Recently, she just move on (Sixth grade life).

Things I hate:Edit

  • People who hate Glee.
  • People who thinks Rebecca Black is better that Taylor Swift (some youtube users post a comment that Rebecca Black is better that T.S).
  • I hate it when a coin drops in the glass.
  • I hate Avatar.
  • I hate that someday Glee will be over.
  • I hate that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is the last part of the series (I'm gonna miss Harry Potter).

Favorite Books:Edit

  • Harry Potter
  • I am Number Four
  • Percy Jackson
  • Narnia
  • Twilight

Outfits that I love:Edit

Favorite Characters:Edit

  1. Tina
  2. Artie
  3. Santana
  4. Brittany
  5. Mike
  6. Rachel
  7. Quinn
  8. Sam
  9. Puck
  10. Mercedes
  11. Kurt


She's sweet and friendly, she's kinda smart. Her best years in her life is 2010 because her classmates is so awesome. You can trust her and she can trust you but when you wasted her trust, she cannot bring it back to you. She's loud when her best friends are there, she's shy sometimes. She have a self-confidence.

Hair:Dianna Agron (haircut)

Skin:Naya Rivera

Height:Jenna Ushkowitz