What Is ItEdit

Daily I, GleeGirl, will post my words of wisdom, that are related to me, and almost Always Glee. AND PEOPLE...LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING!!!

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'NEVER trust anyone when they Say "Trust Me". Me and Quinn Fabray Would know!"

Remeber Journey, when we saw how it all began, how that journey began. With just some wine coolers and a lie.

Well I have lived that lie. So whenever you live those words. DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!



"Be Careful What You Wish for, because you just might get it."

I have always wanted to be like Quinn, well guess what. I got my wish...

"Don't Dream it, Be It."

You are seeing this differently that I am. You are probably thinking It's inspiring and all that jazz, but from mmy eyes, this is a negative.

I dreamed it, and Now i am it. Fits in with todays theme doesn't it?

"The Higher The Pedestal, The Harder the Fall"

Well I havn't fallen yet, but when I do it will be sharp.

I was just voted Captain of My cheer squad. And When I go down I will be going down to sub basement down!

Cheer Captain is like being the Ruler of The Kingdom, and soon I will go from Queen, to some Peasent Slave. GREAT...